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In this wiki, you will find some magic creatures you might have seen before. Maybe in movies, maybe in games.


In general, there are a some info about some magic creatures.

Hippogriff Edit

The hippogriff is a legendary creature which resembles a winged horse with the head and upper body of an eagle. According to the traditions, the hippogriff is said to be the symbol of love, as its parents, the mare and griffin, are natural enemies.
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hippogryph cenarion


Dragon Edit

In many Asian cultures dragons were, and in some cults are still revered as representative of the primal forces of nature and the universe.

In the East, the dragon has always been considered a beneficial creature and a symbol of good fortune.
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Red dragon


Murloc Edit

The murlocs are one of the most widespread races around Azeroth and are the most degraded of all, because they are a nuisance to all races, and some have decided to exterminate them forever, but have never succeeded.

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Baby murloc

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